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provides our students with the unique opportunity to see and learn from the world beyond New York City

The French Ambassadors are Going to France!

Meet the ambassadors for this upcoming trip in March of this year. We've hosted, we've prepared, and now we're ready to take on France ourselves. We previously hosted a group of French students from the same school that we will visit during our trip, which has given us just a taste of what's like being engulfed in the French culture and now we are ready for the real thing.  

We love student travel

At Essex Street Academy, we believe that world travel is an unrivaled experience and that learning happens beyond our school's walls. The majority of our students receive free or reduced-price lunch and family vacations abroad are nearly impossible. This is why our staff, students, and parents work so hard to raise funds to make this priceless experience possible for all.  In addition to the many France trips, ESA has taken students to Japan and Peru for various service and learning experiences. 

Ambassadors to France

Dates are set, hotels booked, and excitement is at an all time high. Our newest group of French Ambassadors will depart on March 23rd for a 10 day adventure on the other side of the Atlantic. 

Our journey will begin with a two day exploration of the country's capital, that will be followed by a week in Morestel with our host families, and soon after we will spend an extra two days exploring the sites of Lyon. We have chosen to stay at the same youth hostels that treated us so well during our last trip.  

Ambassadors recently received letters from their host families and are very much looking forward to finally meeting them in person. We are all looking forward to seeing everyone at the Lycée Camille Corot. Ça fait longtemps!

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